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Secondhand Makeup Lot - Eye shadow/shimmer/mascara/glitter+
Item Number : 677283
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Started2/20/2012 5:56:43 PM  
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This is a lot of a bunch of makeup that I know I won't be using.
It's not as old as it looks, it's just that some my makeup often suffers A LOT because I carry some of it in my purse forever and ever, or keep it in makeup bags where stuff rubs against the other and scratches the packaging.

Before I ship:

- I will replace brushes in every palette with new ones, whether they have none or have used ones.

- I will brush surfaces clean with a tissue.


1. Metallic eye palette by The Color Worshop - Barely used, I think I used the pearl and shimmering black eyeshadows once. The rest looks as if it were used because I wiped it. The packaging suffered a bit, and the Star Wars sticker on it... I don't know. But that was me, yes.

2. "Fairy" six eye shadow collection by Hot Topic - The first blue, third blue and white have only perhaps half remaining. It opens to the side, there used to be a mirror and brushes underneath. Now, there is nothing, I don't recommend opening it. These shadows are very colorful and bright, some have glitter and they all shimmer. BUT the packaging is VERY damaged. I dropped this at a party while touching up my makeup in the bathroom, so the mirror and compact broke (so did those shadows of which remain only half). It's in pretty bad condition, but the shadows are not, there's plenty left and they're still fresh.

3. Eye-Zing carry along palette in "Blues" by jane + similar palette by Markwins - I carried these along in my bag for a while, the white is the most used, then the grey. The blue shades are nearly intact. To be honest, there's most of the product left in these eye shadow palettes, but the packaging took a beating.

4. Orchid mineral loose eye shimmer; Silver face and body shimmer by Townley; Pearl eye shimmer by Bettina (1/4 left); Princessa lead purple shimmer and silver glitter (1/4) left; pale pink eye and body shimmer (in smaller circular container); bright blue pressed eyeshadow by Sacha; pink/purple glitter shimmer by Glamour Girls (yes, this is for little girls, so what?). Thes products have been barely used, except for those pots which I specified only have 1/4 of product left. Also including a Tinkerbell glitter base, which is a bubblegum scented base for applying face and body glitter. Also for little girls (don't judge me).

5. Blue glitter mascara by Rimmel in "It Girl" (tried once on clean lashes); Arista iridescent seafoam mascara in "Sea Orchid" (used once or twice on clean lashes); Estee Lauder "More than Mascara" in Rich Black. Both are the same product with different color tubes, they came in gift sets. I may have used each once, to try it, but I don't really use black mascara often at all; Plumping lip gloss in an iridescent pink. Smells like cinnamon. Never used, this came in a multi-pack, I used the others (though it's possible I may have tried it).

6. "VIRTUAL" face powder Highlighter by Physician's Formula - I bought this thinking "WOW, Virtual Face Powder, I SO totally need that" because it's "reflective" and whatnot, but the truth is, I don't know how the heck to use this! It's highlighter. If you know how to use that, go you. I do not. The effect is a little less shiny than shimmer, and the product is pressed/baked. The compact is very nice and still in great condition. Comes with original brush. Tried once.

7. Brand new brush set. For blush, liner, gloss, eyeshadow and lashes.

  • I prefer paypal. I am paypal verified.
  • I also take personal checks, money orders, and well concealed cash (at your own risk, not recommended).
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  • I will update you on the status through email (when I receive your payment, and when I ship your item.)

  • Also:
  • Though many of my clothing items are used, I only sell those which are still in fair condition. All of my items are properly cleaned before shipping.
  • Smoke-free environment. I own dogs, but I make sure to wash and lint-roll clothing items before sending.
  • I dearly appreciate feedback, and am happy to leave you some once I've received your payment.
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    Secondhand Makeup Lot - Eye shadow/shimmer/mascara/glitter+
    Item # 677283

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